Today I accept myself as I am.

“Today I will not be tempted by a false humility that would proclaim I am not enough. Indeed I am enough, as is everyone. May neither my wounded places, nor my weaknesses, nor my mistakes of the past obscure the light that dwells within me. Rather, may I accept myself with the tender mercies that God Himself has shown me. He creates anew in every moment the chance for me to shine. Through Him, for Him, and because of Him, I can.” – Day 16 in A Year of Miracles by Marianne Williamson

This about sums up my journey of starting an energy healing practice. I started with much doubt of my abilities. Sure, I’ve channeled healing for myself and others casually, but I was not sure that I would be intuitive enough to do it professionally. I doubted that I was enough for the job. Even so I proceeded to pursue my passion for I did not want to live with regret – and given the “coincidental” setup of my life situation at the time. I prayed to be a clear channel for God. After the initial few healing sessions I noticed that my intuition had increased by about ten times – to allow me to properly serve as a channel for God’s love and light. Next my financial fear got me wavering in my commitment. The lure of a stable income got me considering returning to the corporate world. Once that fear was brought to my attention, I renewed my commitment. For the new year I set the goal to make the most of my new path for the next 12 months as our savings could cushion us for that much longer should the new career not prosper. My fear hidden in logical thinking was pointed out to me again.

Since then I have received tips on blogging to attract 200,000+ readers, encouragement/potential venues/marketing (even from someone who works at PCC) for hosting group meditation and healing sessions and various financial matters. My angels showed up in my friends, those who are successful in their business as well as those just starting. Everyone had my best interest at heart and was eager to help me succeed.

I concluded, “If God thinks I am good enough, who am I to say otherwise.” I am to shine. My ego still attempts to plant fear to the best of its ability. I can do this through, for because of God. God’s got your back; are you showing up for yourself?


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